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VIP Levels

Sports Interaction's V.I.P program helps you earn poker points faster. The more you play, the more points you earn, resulting in more benefits for you to enjoy.

Sports Interaction's Poker Room has three VIP Levels - Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

All players start out at Bronze. When you reach a certain average of Poker Points each month, you will become a Silver player. Get to a higher monthly average and you will become a Gold player.

The Benefits of VIP Levels:

  • Players at Silver and Gold earn Sports Interaction Poker Points faster than players at Bronze. Silver players earn 25 points per $1, and Gold earn 30 points per $1.
  • Silver and Gold players will be eligible to play at special Tournaments and to receive special promotions.

How can I find out my VIP level?

You can see your current VIP Level by clicking on My Account.

How can I maintain and increase my VIP level?

VIP Levels upgrade automatically at the beginning of each month as players increase their Poker Point totals. The different VIP Levels are awarded when players reach the averages listed above. The average is weighted so that games you play in the previous month matter more than the two months before that.

The secret to maintaining or increasing your VIP Level is to keep playing. See you at the tables.

For further information regarding our Poker Points program or our VIP level contact support