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A Multi-Table tournament is a tournament where more than one table is needed to accommodate all the players. As players are eliminated during the course of a Multi-Table tournament, players will be moved randomly from one table to another in order to keep the number of players at each table as balanced as possible.

Sit & Go

Sit & Go tournaments are events that do not have a scheduled start time. They start as soon as enough players have entered for the tournament to begin.


A tournament between two players only. In Heads-Up play, the player with the 'dealer button' posts the small blind and will act first before the flop and then last for the remainder of the hand. The player who posts the big blind is dealt first.

Re-Buy and Add-On

A tournament where a player may get additional chips during the game. A Re-Buy is permitted during the Re-Buy period only. Players can only re-buy when their chip count is equal or less than the amount of chips had at the start of the tournament. An Add-On will be available during the first five minute break of a Re-Buy and add-on tournament. All players that are still active in the tournament will have the option to purchase an Add-On of additional chips.


A Freeze-Out tournament is where players make a single buy-in and are eliminated from the tournament when all their chips are lost.


A Shoot-Out tournament consists of a limited number of players competing on different tables. Players compete over a series of rounds until only one winner remains.

Satellite tournaments

Satellite tournaments are events where players can win entries into other larger tournaments.

Freeroll tournaments

A freeroll tournament is a free tournament. It has no buy-in or registration fees and no risks or conditions.